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Best Buying Group is a sourcing company based in 3 countries, namely China (Shanghai), Hong Kong and The Netherlands. Counting over 30 years of experience in assortment development, category management and sourcing in Asia. With more than 30 dedicated colleagues in our teams, we serve all kinds of retailers, wholesalers, starters and brands every day. Our customers are mainly based in Europe, which gives us a good overview of the market.


Wim Braafhart, Best Buying Group founder Wim Braafhart, Best Buying Group founder


The market is changing rapidly and so are the wishes of the customer/consumer. Shorter product lead times, faster time-to-market and a customer/consumer who wants to be surprised continuously. This requires a different way of category management companies in combination with sourcing.
Thinking from the customer and translating this into a product, assortment or category. That is what it is all about today. The sourcing request must be tailored to this. This is the power of the Best Buying Group. Translate the client's needs into a sourcing briefing. Broad sourcing in the Asian market, the packaging needs to match this, ensure that everything is compliant with the EU requirements and ultimately ensure that the products are shipped in the right way.
We do this every day with an enormous amount of effort and energy. With this we are a modern sourcing company that not only develops the right products, assortments or categories, but also prepares your company at all levels for category management in combination with far Eastern sourcing.

Umesh Samtani, Best Buying Group founder Umesh Samtani, Best Buying Group founder


In Asia the market is changing just as fast as in Europe. The suppliers develop and invest fully. This offers opportunities for margin growth and opportunities for unique assortments.
Best Buying Group not only finds the right products throughout Asia, but also ensures the right packaging, all test reports, quality control with our own team and the right shipment on time. Being transparent throughout the chain is very important to us. We think it is essential that our suppliers get to know you well and that is why we always communicate in the triangle: supplier, Best Buying Group and you.
In this way we get the most out of our cooperation and we maximize your margin or purchasing savings.
In addition to China, many other countries in Asia are in full swing, such as Vietnam, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Best buying Group is at home in all Asian countries.



Trashcans • Drying • Ironingboards • Householdstairs • Cleaning Items • Storage Boxes

Household Best Buying Group


Bathroom Furniture • Shower Bars • Rain showers • Faucets • Shower Corners • Walk-in Cabins

Sanitary Best Buying Group


In- & Outdoor lighting • Christmas Lights • Construction Lamps • Party lighting • Smart Lighting • Flashlights

Lighting Best Buying Group


Home Textiles • Bed Textiles • Bad Textiles • Kitchen Textiles

Textile Best Buying Group

Home Decoration

Candles • Lamps • Photo Frames • Clocks • Racks and Brackets • etc.

Home Decoration Best Buying Group

Seasonal Products

Christmas • Easter • Halloween

Seasonal Products Best Buying Group


Hand Tools • Electric Tools

Electronic Household Appliences Best Buying Group


Screws and Nails • Plugs • Hinges and Locks

Fasteners Best Buying Group


Building and Construction • Outdoor Toys • Playfigures and Play Sets • Roleplay Toys • Craft Items • Dolls and Puppets • Games and Puzzles • Moving Toys

Toys Best Buying Group


Garden Furniture • Parasols • Party Tents • Inflatable Garden Items • Pots • Barbecue

Garden Best Buying Group

Electronic Household Appliances

Electric Kettles • Toasters • Blender • Grill • Microwave oven • Washing machines • Fridge • Vacuum cleaners • Flatiron

Electronic Household Appliences Best Buying Group


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  • Extension of your current category management or your purchasing department in Asia
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  • Product development
  • Assortment development
  • Category development
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  • Fancy label
  • Promotion label
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  • Develop test protocols
  • Testing according to EU standards
  • Test reports
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  • Quality control
  • Inspections before shipment
  • We have got our own quality control team
  • Full control of your shipment
  • Extension of your current logistics department
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